Date: 2010-02-06 18:33 (UTC)
If you think Apple -- and even Adobe, really -- have done nothing innovative and that they've only been successful through marketing, then you have a very different view of computing history than I do. Then again, you paint yourself, more or less, as someone who thinks user interfaces got to about where they needed to be a quarter-century ago and everything since has been driven by marketing and flimflammery. :)

30 years ago in computing you picked between competing views of the universe presented by CP/M, the Apple II, the Atari, the various Commodore computers; you got someone else's vision of what a computer was supposed to be like. Today, whether I'm using a Windows machine, Linux machine or an OS X machine, I can put what I want on either one very easily, and with all respect, someone who tells me that's not the case is someone who really hasn't learned much about whichever platform they're dissing. I personally find Windows the most restrictive and OS X the least, for the fairly straightforward reason that I run a lot of Unix software but also want to have the option to run commercial software that exists on the Mac but not Linux/BSD. I can get Apache, MySQL, Postgres, Emacs, etc. etc. for the Mac; I can't get OmniOutliner and Scrivener for Ubuntu. The notion that my Mac is somehow held hostage to someone else's vision of how computers should work is, with all respect, simply false.

The iPhone and iPad are different animals; they're computing appliances, not general purpose computers, and I think a lot of the negative reaction to them comes from evaluating them in terms of things they're not. A Mazda Miata is going to do very poorly if you judge it by the standards appropriate for heavy duty pickup trucks. And if what you actually need or want is a pickup truck, a Miata is a terrible choice--but that doesn't make the Miata bad at being a small, spry roadster.
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