Date: 2010-02-07 00:01 (UTC)
ext_39907: The Clydesdale Librarian (Miktar's plushie)
Well, now, I don't demand a return to CP/M or DOS. It's true though that one of the things I absolutely hated about the Mac when I was forced to use one for several years was the total lack (at that time) of any command line interface. Obviously, that was before Apple made the paradigm shift to a Unix style kernel. More important to me though was the difference between cooperative multitasking (the style of both Mac and Windows back then) and pre-emptive time slicing (the style of Unix and the Amiga at that time, then not long after the basis of Linux.)

I don't mind a graphical display as long as it isn't dragged down in speed by excessive and useless ornamentation and "effects" but for most tasks I really hate mice. Being forced to move my hand off and back onto the keyboard dozens of times in order to perform simple tasks makes me want to throw the computer out the window. I prefer to keep my hands on the keyboard. I'm a reliable, fast touch typist. The mouse is OK when you need it for efficiency, as when cropping images for instance. "Drag and drop" vs. a verbal command, though, has no appeal to me.

Commercial software generally disappoints me. I find it limits me to an interface designed by people who have totally different perceptions and needs than my own, and is often so bogged down by its own copy protection and licensing routines that a lighter and more nimble open source application can run rings around it.

Yes, I understand the difference in function and applicability between say a netbook and a graphics workstation. However, I am likely to find that both of them are far more usable than iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. I find touch screen interfaces to be the most irritating and least precise of all. They also generally require straight-jacketed designs in order to be at all functional, since touch commands are necessarily imprecise.

My distaste is not limited to Apple products, either. For example, the Kindle is just as unpleasant in my opinion as any of Apple's recently lauded productions, and furthermore suffers from the same monopolistic mentality as regards content and distribution.
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