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I realize it’s become something of a cycle for me to go several weeks without posting here and then make a post which mostly consists of an apology about how little I’m posting. I’m going to try to stop doing that. Which is not to say I’m going to make an immediately-to-be-broken vow to post more; I’m just going to try to stop apologizing for it.

It feels to me like I’m posting a lot, but that’s one of the combined virtues and vices of Twitter. While I’m tempted to engage in a defense of Twitter, those who want to read a much better one than I could muster can read Rands’ “We Travel in Tribes”:

Via the LazyWeb convention, I expect reasonable, informed, and quick answers to most any question. Where I used to use Google, I now use Twitter for questions, because not only do I get the answer, I also get the opinion. And sometimes I get my world rocked with random, psychic, off-the-cuff, tangential information that Google will never give me because Google doesn’t know who I am.

My own use of Twitter is more prosaic, granted. I’ve had conversations on it, I’ve asked questions (and gotten responses), and I’ve learned a few interesting things. Mostly, though, it’s where the minutiae of my life ends up going these days: stuff that I’d like to share but not enough to write a journal post about.

This does leave me wondering what to actually write about here. I’ve done essays on occasion and I suspect I still will. I’ve sometimes tried to start other blogs elsewhere—a link blog, a tech blog, a political blog (twice)—and all of them have been false starts. I may try to resurrect the link blog, but, y’know, I may not. Tech stuff might as well go here. Political stuff I tend to be reticent to get into. I’m interested in discussing politics but not so much arguing politics; attempts to merely talk about current events a few years back left me feeling rather singed. Besides, looking for things to be outraged about has decidedly limited appeal.

At any rate, I’d like to commit to writing something weekly, but I’m not going to—not yet, at least.

What’s been going on? Work, mostly, and mostly office work. I haven’t gotten appreciably farther on Gift of Fire, nor on the new Claw & Quill software. At the beginning of the month I visited [ profile] shaterri, [ profile] quarrel and [ profile] ladyperegrine in Seattle, which was a wonderful if slightly whirlwind visit. (I have a photo album of that you can visit if you’re so inclined: “Seattle” is the main one, with a food porn type one of the visit to The Herbfarm taken on the iPhone.) Starting tomorrow evening, my mother will be in town to visit for the long weekend; we’ll be staying in Emeryville for no specific reason other than availability and the likelihood of exploring some of the Oakland area, which actually has a lot of interesting there there.

Date: 2008-05-22 05:38 (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Just out of curiosity, what's the essentially unpopulated [ profile] chipotle_tumble that I mistakenly thought had something to do with Twitter?

Date: 2008-05-22 05:45 (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
It is the RSS feed for the previously mentioned link blog, also known as a "tumblelog" to some (hence the name). For a while it was where I was stuffing interesting quotes and links and other detritus I came across on the internet; I may resume doing that. Sometime.

Date: 2008-05-22 15:00 (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
But you write such thoughtful essays! I would miss them. -_-

Date: 2008-05-22 15:02 (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I'm so glad that you ended up feeling like it was a fun visit - I was a bit worried about Rainier and the snow.

Mmmmm, Herbfarm. :-)

Date: 2008-05-23 08:20 (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
You and I are both bad on the 'journal' aspect of LJ... I was always better at bouncing ideas off folks and not so much externalizing my internals. Feh.

You should come visit the Caer 2.0 sometime, I have a real kitchen to cook in now! :)


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