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Yes, as previously noted I'm among the group travelling to Suhl, Germany, starting tomorrow, headed there with [personal profile] jadedfox. I have no real idea what to say at customs (is this a business trip? a pleasure trip? got me!) and indeed don't precisely know who to look for to be picking me up, if anyone, and whether it's a trip to pick up both my duo and other GoH Steve Gallacci at the same time or if the two trips shall be handled separately by our hosts. I don't know whether I should hurriedly get some Euros in exchange at the airport, or wait until Germany, or be a boorish American and wave increasingly undervalued dollars at people when necessary. I am still not 100% sure of what stories I'll be attempting to read at the reading I blithely said I was going to do. (The thought of the moment is some or all of "The Narrow Road in Morning Light," the samurai story that will coincidentally be available for sale in New Fables #2 in the dealers' room, and a scene from the in-progress rewrite of A Gift of Fire, A Gift of Blood.) I am bringing things for the charity auction at the very last minute after continually sidestepping [profile] eosfoxx's questions about whether I was going to bring something for the charity auction.

In short, this will be an adventure! And one I'm definitely looking forward to.


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