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After tracking down a somewhat baffling "encoding error" all my journal entries have been imported here. What this means... I still don't know. This is more of an issue for my Claw & Quill group, I suspect -- while the groups and the friends have both been imported, anyone on the C&Q group would still have to authenticate with their LJ address to read those posts, I believe, because Dreamwidth currently can't map the LJ OpenID URLs to Dreamwidth accounts. Such is life.

I'll have to investigate things here more fully when I have the time; it doesn't look to me like, at this point, it's really possible to just do everything on either DW or LJ and have it tied to both gracefully -- I can't read LJ friends from my DW friends list page, for instance. Yes, I could subscribe to everyone as an RSS feed, in theory. In practice, hahahaha right like that's gonna happen. (I don't know why LJ doesn't just provide an "authenticated friends page RSS feed" so instead of having 100 feeds for 100 friends, you have one feed for all your friends. You know, just like the friends page.)

Date: 2010-03-21 15:12 (UTC)
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LJ won't provide such a feed because they certainly don't want to make it too easy for their subscribers to migrate away.

I have been adding individual feeds for the active friends I want to read. The truth is, of the 200+ friends I had on LJ, most never posted any more.

When you migrated your entries, everyone on your friends list and your various groups should have been added here as OpenID users. So in fact, Claw & Quill readers who remain at LJ should be able to still read those posts and respond to them by using a feed and OpenID. That's what I've been doing in reverse, to get at journals still residing on LJ. (And, I should add, I'm gratified by the number of LJ loyalists who continue to read and comment here, even though I moved.)

It really is pretty transparent, except for the need to add those feeds. And, for closed, friends-only type posts, LJ users need to add your Dreamwidth OpenID as a friend so you can read their stuff. That is expected to change soon, when DW makes the authenticated feed feature generally available to paid users.


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