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 Why, yes, I do have a Dreamwidth account, don't I?

The truth is that the same "complaints" -- they're mild, and so deserving of air quotes -- that I have with LiveJournal is true over here, too, except more so. A few friends crosspost to both LJ and DW and a few others only post here, and those latter... well, I've not been keeping up with too well, for exactly the reason that I expected not to: I didn't want to manage two sites and I didn't want to bother trying to make Dreamwidth my "only" site for this... so it got left on the wayside.

Truthfully, I don't really want to make LiveJournal that site anymore, either, though. In practice, I've started blogging at Coyote Prints for writing stuff and Coyote Tracks for tech blogging. Coyote Prints is echoed -- manually -- to my LJ; I may see about echoing it here, too, although I'm not sure who's reading me only here and not on LJ (or who might be reading both but would prefer to be reading only here). I'm not sure whether I can programmatically crosspost to both here and LJ, though, with the tools that I have: it's not clear whether a post made through DW's API would be automatically crossposted to LJ even if I have it set to do so from the web interface.


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