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I don't know whether I'm going to move to Dreamwidth -- and if I don't, there won't be a lot of point in having this journal, I suspect -- but it seems prudent at this point to reserve the space.

Date: 2010-03-08 11:32 (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] altivo
It isn't necessary to move if you just want to follow and reply to people who have actually moved.

You can follow/read a DW user by using an RSS feed. For instance, to follow me here, add altivo_dw_feed over on LJ, since that feed has already been defined.

You can reply by using OpenID. Go to while you are already signed in at LJ. Supply your LJ URL to get logged in. Then change your settings on the next page to "keep me logged in" and save that. Edit your profile to supply an e-mail address for notifications. You can add a user icon or two and other details if you wish. After that, when a DW post appears in your friends page at LJ and you want to reply, click through the link at the top of the post to get to the DW page and reply there on your OpenID account.

That said, for many reasons I have found this to be a much more hospitable site. I double posted for a year just to make sure before pulling the plug on LJ because of their lousy management attitudes.

Date: 2010-03-08 16:16 (UTC)
altivo: Geekish ham radio pony (geek)
From: [personal profile] altivo
Well, now that I've done it myself (at last) I can recommend Dreamwidth's function that imports your LJ postings and comments. It brings everything but the usericons over, and sets up OpenID access for all your friends list members from LJ. That lets you preserve your journal content against destruction should SUP do something stupid, which was a big consideration for me.

Date: 2010-03-08 16:30 (UTC)
altivo: From a con badge (studious)
From: [personal profile] altivo
OK, I just read the older post about SUP and likely migration from LJ to some other platform. Like many, I actually tried IJ and GJ, and even double posted for a while, but neither IJ nor GJ had much life in terms of support for the system and as you no doubt know, GJ collapsed completely.

However, despite your apparent derision for the LJ code base, those of us who have used LJ for years find it quite hospitable (or we'd be gone.) There's something to be said for compatibility at least at the user interface and API level, and I think that has given DW a big boost. Management that seems to care about the user helps a lot as well.

The thing that really makes DW a viable refuge right now is syndication and OpenID. Once one figures out that little setup trick, it becomes easier to stay in contact with the old network while rebuilding on the new platform. Anything that actually replaces the core of code but wants to attract former LJ users needs to be acutely aware of this need.

It would be nice to have a shell wrapped around that to make it easier for the users who are less technically savvy. I've been explaining over and over again for the last 24 hours how to make it work from the LJ end. I had no idea that so many people actually cared about my LJ posts. ;p


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